Traumatic brain injury and the criminal justice system

Traumatic brain injury and the criminal justice system

Stewarts Soundbites is back and we are delighted to welcome Chloe Birch, a barrister specialising in criminal defence, to talk about the recognition and treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the criminal justice system.

Show notes

It is widely recognised that TBI can lead to difficulties with cognition, memory, social communication, self-regulation and behaviour, all of which may increase the risk of crime. TBI is highly prevalent among children and adults in offending institutions throughout UK; researchers have called TBI a ‘silent epidemic’ in criminal justice populations.

Chloe offers insight into how offenders with brain injuries are managed, from arrest to release and everything in between. She discusses:

  • the importance of awareness and training amongst practitioners
  • the potential impact upon sentencing
  • difficulties during time in prison and probation
  • the impact upon families

Chloe examines the current state of play with regards to the handling of TBI offenders in the criminal justice system and consider the research and changes in progress.

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Emma Lyons

Emma Lyons

Emma specialises in high-value and complex claims involving catastrophic injury. She has a keen interest in brain and spinal cord injury work and has been involved with various multimillion pound settlements.

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