The use of robotic exoskeletons in upper limb rehabilitation

The use of robotic exoskeletons in upper limb rehabilitation

We were very pleased to welcome Dr Heba Lakany to Soundbites for the first time.

Show notes

Dr Lakany is a leading researcher in upper limb exoskeleton technology and a lecturer at University of Liverpool. This fast-evolving technology has the potential to significantly improve the upper-limb functionalities required for everyday activities.

Rehabilitation robots for the upper limbs have already proven their usefulness in particular for patients with spinal cord or stroke-related injuries, encouraging faster and more effective motor therapy. Dr Lakany and her team have done pioneering work to develop assistive devices for people with severe motor disabilities.

The potential of the proposed technology is huge in empowering both clinicians and patients to better manage movement impairment for people with upper limb paresis.

This session covers:

  • Why upper limb exoskeletons are less prevalent than the lower limb models and the challenges with developing this technology;
  • An exploration of who might benefit from upper limb exoskeleton technology and the level of existing function required;
  • What is available and on the UK market now and the associated costs; and
  • Long-term benefits of the technology in rehabilitation

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